Thursday, March 31, 2016

Yohji Yamamoto.

Fri. 03/06/2015.

Yohji Yamamoto.

Fashion, is NOT Art. But, if any one designer could question that essential truth, and succeed in changing it, Yohji Yamamoto would be the one to do it. With each collection, it seemingly becomes less possible to cleave the sense of an Artistic installation or of a highly conceptual mind bending and warping the boundaries at which Fashion and Art intersect and diverge from the aspect that, it is after all, clothing we are viewing! Fashion is an "Applied" Art, there can be certain artistry that goes into producing fashion, but the essential element that separates Fashion from Art is that Art can stand alone and to itself, serving no other purpose or master than to simply exist, to create debate, dialogue, introspection. Fashion, on the other hand, cannot exist alone. on a hanger or mannequin even, Fashion has a Purpose outside of it's artistic desiring. Clothing MUST be worn for it's intrinsic reasoning to come to the fore. Art suffers no such necessity! Fashion Does.

Yamamoto, however, strives to transcend those limitations, and in the most Poetic and Stirring moments of his Fall 2015 collection, he nearly loosed those bonds and ascended to the esoteric world that Art inhabits. His Fall collection was perhaps one of the most devastatingly Exquisite shows I have ever seen. It was a conjoining of the simplest and most graceful gestures combined with a High-Mindedness that say clothing transmutate into something at once, impossibly unwearable, yet also, miraculously touching! There was a Naivete that those outlandish constructs of fabric and Boning and wire and who can say what else, that haloed the models like Flotillas of Fabric and multiple forms of Detritus, that was all at the same time full of longing, innocence, knowing and melancholy. And most surprisingly, Joy! That was the feeling that came to the precipice and jumped into one's heart as they viewed this Masterpiece! That the entire collection was almost entirely conceived almost entirely in shades of Black and Grey did nothing to detract from the elation!

Aside from the experimental nature of Yamamoto's work this time, there was a fluid, sinuous, liquid simplicity rendered in the most elaborate of applications, from Yamamoto's frequent use of the  of Kimono sleeves to express a Sensuous elegance, to the seductive slink of the Chiton and Toga in the way fabric was draped and wrapped around the body. In this brief essay, there was much to actually wear and be Incredibly chic, in a deconstructed kind of way. But all of this is but constituent parts to the Absorbing whole. I was truly brought to Weeping from this Spectacle of Brilliance. Yamamoto moved me to my core, and discombobulated my ideas of what actually can be perceived as Art... Or as Fashion. However the cards may play out in that mental exercise is yet to be determined, but for a sure fact, Yamamoto Achieved far more than what the simple word "Fashion" could ever dare to contextualize!

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