Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Thurs. 03/05/2015.

All I have to say is... Mallard Green... Lace.... PANTS! Quoth Miranda Priestley... "That's All!"

That SERIOUS Miscalculation of Taste suffuses most of what Olivier Rousteing sends Slinking and Slithering down his Balmain Runways season after season. Fall 2015 seemed to be one of the worst offences yet, Over-Designed and Underwhelming, it was a hodgepodge of Gaudy, Tacky, Tasteless excess (well when your Muse is Kim Kardashian-West and you favor talentless Celebmodels like Kendall and Gigi, what can you expect? High Class? Certainly Not!) that never failed to go Three to Five steps too far past overwrought! 

Were there moments of Reprieve from all this Ostentation... Yes and No. A creamy White wrap coat was Stellar for the simple fact alone that Rousteing didn't pile on unnecessary adornment or outrageous queasy color mixes. No one is doubting that the man can Tailor and Cut with the best of them, but Atavistic throwbacks to Ungaro Plisse pleating and Toxic YSL/Mondrian inspired Colour Blocking does no one any Favours and shows nothing of ones skills! 

To be Blunt, the collection was an Abject Failure. Top to Bottom. Rousteing seems to have more or less, consigned himself to designing for the Cheap and Tasteless tarts of Social Media Celebrity and Fame Whoring Celebutantes (Looking SQUARE at you, Kim K!) who have more money than I.Q. Points, or more accurately, Class! If having a Fat ass and Lots of money is your aspiration, then Rousteing seems to be the Man for the Hapless job of encasing your Bimbo Shape in Appropriate Attire! 

That's All.


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