Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dries Van Noten.

Weds. 03/04/2015.

Dries Van Noten.

A Dries Van Noten fashion show is a veritable Buffet of sartorial indulgence to gorge one's self upon. A Smorgasbord of Magical proportions, with enough ideas and arrangements to satisfy the most Mercurial of tastes! For Fall 2015 there was such a Torrent of Raiments that, as always the case Chez Van Noten, the visual stimulus transcended sometimes into overload of the cerebral cortex! But what Opulent stimulation, indeed! Fall saw Van Noten in a particularly Opulent mood with his usual Extravagant sense of embellishment taking an even more spectacular turn than usual.

"Grounded Glamour" was the Theme du Jour for Van Noten, and Glamour was certainly what was shown, even though it was counterpointed with the "Grounded" aspect via Military Khaki and Chino and easy, plain cuts and silhouettes, which stood out in exciting relief to all the exquisite luxe. Van Noten indulged in everything from Shimmying, Shimmering Paillettes cascading over the shoulders of a Navy Coat to the Orientalist Chinoiserie Dragons embroidered on a Slouchy T-shirt worn with a Chino Pencil skirt with a Matching Apron-like billowing overskirt sashed around the waist. Speaking of those overskirts, they added a dimension of Elegant Hauteur that was not only the epitome of Van Noten's "Glamour"-ous inclinations, but also a Refreshing addition that has been missing on many a Runway. A good old Ballskirt always adds that touch of Extravaganza that transforms a collection. And that they came Short and Floor-Sweeping only gave a woman more options!

In Van Noten's world, the Mix IS the Message, this was never so pronounced as in this Gloriously Luxuriant treatise. Sometimes the expression of decadence was as simple as the Beading on a pair of pants that captured a Pagoda Scene paired with a Bell-sleeve Tunic, all in a dark shade of Ink Blue, or how a subdued Khaki floor-length wrap coat juxtaposed brilliantly against a Marron Glace coloured gown smothered in Sequins and Beads. It was this Majestic dichotomy that propelled this to be one of Van Noten's greatest expressions of his craft. It was a Ravishing gift of fashion to Van Noten's clientele and one that will resonate to many ages and for many ages. Bravissima!

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