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Paco Rabanne.

Thurs. 03/05/2015.

With Three collections under his belt, Julien Dossena hit the Mother Lode with his Fall 2015 collection for the House of Paco Rabanne. Dosenna proved, beyond doubt, that he has "The Goods" and is certainly one to keep one's eye on for Bigger, Better and Greater things in the future. He will become one of the Big-Time Players of International Fashion, Trust and Believe. Reason being, if he continues to turn out Breathlessly exciting work like this Fall collection, He can only rise higher and higher!

Dosenna's Fall opus for the house of Rabanne, was Brief, Modern, Sharp, Fast, Sleek and Innovative. He has integrated himself into the history of the house and found his way forward with a Futurist/Athletic vibe that many are working, but few as sure-handed as this. Dosenna proved he is a Master of Cut and Inventive tailoring, but while those molded Wool coats that opened owed more than a Little debt to his former boss, Nicholas Ghesquiere, where he worked under him at Balenciaga, they had a vernacular all their own, and also proves why Dosenna will be successful here, he has already in his short time at the house made a discernible signature with his designs that makes him stand out among the rest of the crowd!

Even though those opening outfits and those oddly compelling and hypnotizing Jackets and Tunics with the Quasi-Cummerbund bands under the bust, showed that Dosenna's Tailoring skills are Top Notch, it was his more simple gestures that gave the heart flight, the pair of knit Tanks and Plastic Disc "Mesh" pants in a word, Brilliant! As were the pair of Matching dresses in the same "Mesh" that married Old and New together into one beguiling amalgam! Add in some Scalpel Sharp Coats and a couple of buckle bedecked Flight/Jumpsuits that gave new meaning to "Urban Glamour" and you have yourself one Thoroughly Fantastic Collection!

Dosenna surely shows the influence of his former mentor, Ghesquiere, but he has diverged from that template and forged his own identity while still showing the influence of his past. He has shown that he is most assuredly his own Designer and given enough time and the proper nurturing, Could well easily match and most likely will, surpass, his former employer! 

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