Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Weds. 03/04/2015.


All it took for Alessandro Dell'Acqua to create his best collection yet for the house of Rochas was to take a step back and Simplify! Plus, a Picture from the house Archives of a dress decorated in Swallows. With those rather humble elements, Dell'Acqua pulled out a Masterpiece of a collection achieved with a sure hand and elegant sensibility, the secret being that once Dell'Acqua stopped trying to find the most esoteric way to present his vision, he stumbled upon the recipe for success!

Remodeling the Sheath dress was where Dell'Acqua reaped the most benefits, his wide belted versions to the mid-calf were the Bread and Butter of the collection, even though the Dress was Dell'Acqua's primary concern and showed up in other versions, mainly a Shirt dress style and one that worked with a Ruffle trimmed Scalloped Bustline paired with tank straps. The Swallows showed up later in the collection, reaching their Zenith as Sparkly Embroideries on a Black coat with Fox Fur pockets and on a Soignee Dress on Jamie Bochert in White with Black print.

Also, if a woman is in the mood for some Spectacular Outerwear, Rochas will be a great place to start for a memorable topper, A Sharp Micro Check car coat on Tami Williams in a Bird's Eye Black and White or the best of the show, A Blinding Yellow version in Nubby Boucle on Molly Bair at Exit No. 11! Dell'Acqua has found his True North with this collection, it will be a curious sight to behold to see if he will continue on this path, or diverge again back to his old ways. Whatever road taken, This time, the High one was definitely the road better traveled!

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