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Maison Margiela.

Fri. 03/06/2015.

Maison Margiela.

Heeeeeeereeeeee's JOHNNY! Heeeeeee's BAAAACK!

Ok, Enough of that! Suffice it to say, John Galliano is back in the saddle again. Also, there is no need to rehash the unpleasantries of the past, amends have been made, forgiveness has been asked, no need to go into a dizzying account of it all. It's Done. Move On! And, Move On, Galliano has, finding himself ensconced perfectly into the Margiela furrow and bringing his own Diabolical sense of fashion home to roost in this Fashion Coop.

His first outing, Chez Margiela, a positively INSPIRED Spring Haute Couture collection, called in the Maison of Margiela, "Artisanal" was a Masterpiece in and of itself for the fact alone that Galliano hit the ground running at top speed and showed no shakiness or weakness in the craft he is such a specialist at! In Fact. as first collections go, it was equatable, but not exactly as Earth Cracking, as his first Dior Couture collection (Which will go down in history as one of the Greatest fashion Moments, EVER!) but it was just as full of surprise and delight, even if the surprise was a bit darker and the delight somewhat more of the Grotesque ilk.

The one thing we notice with the Fall 2015 Pret-a-Porter collection is that Galliano has not lost his Penchant for shock or his deft hand at Impeccable cut and fit. That was the biggest takeaway, that among the, yes, Shocking, moments, lay some Exquisitely designed pieces that a customer will gravitate to without question. Yes, the madcap, crazed styling, and at times frightfully asinine clothing propositions were there, to be sure, however, they held that Frisson of Danger and imbalance that creates great fashion moments. Of Course, some of the clothes in this exercise could only be worn by someone who was Stark Raving Bonkers, yet that is what is needed and has been missing from the Scena of fashion and even in Galliano's work in his last years at Dior for much too long.

Truly, the Oeuvre that John is working here, defies definition, so to piece apart and try to highlight individual outfits or pieces, at this point at least, is a fruitless task to undertake. It is, in essence, Unnecessary, The collection speaks for itself, What EXACTLY it is saying, is up for massive interpretation. But if you want to try and get some kind of framework of what Galliano is trying to say... You only need to look, to listen!

That's All.


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