Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016.

Weds, 05/06/2015.

To look at Tomas Maier's Resort collection for 2016, you will notice a definite Reductionist quality inherent in all that was presented. No adornments or embellishments or sparkle or shine, (Maybe the Electric hued fringe on a couple of jackets MIGHT be considered, embellishment, but just barely) just a perfectly calibrated treatise on dressing from cold to warm and everywhere in between. Resort doesn't have to mean Hot weather and when the clothes hit the stores (anywhere from the end of November to the beginning of January) with the exception of the West Coast and the South, it's freaking FREEZING in most places on the Eastern side of the Country. Also, the woman Maier is dressing has a Jet-Set lifestyle with much travel in her itinerary, so that could mean Lounging in a Chalet on the Slopes of Gstaad or circling the Aegean on her private Yacht! 

More realistically however, it's just that sometimes in even the warmest cities, during the days leading up to and into Spring, it can get Damn Chilly, so a Pink Lemonade coloured Fur coat is just as practical as the Mushroom Fur long line Gilet that were shown but seemed so incongruous for Resort! Maier did such a Sterling and Impeccable job with this Resort collection that to call it flawless would be to besmirch it! It was a Paean to all things Contemporary and Modern, but Classical and Classy. Every piece was so precisely realized to entice and seduce that one's mouth was left watering at the Marvels produced... A Taupe Suede outfit of a Shirtdress and matching Coat... A Butterscotch Leather Bomber and Mocha coloured trousers... A Pair of Camel coats plucked from the Heavens... And a Shell Pink Pantsuit so RIGHT, that it magically seemed accompanied by a Chorus of Angels. 

Maier could have presented this as his Spring/Summer collection and it would it have blown the collective minds of the fashion faithful, It was simply that Herculean Strong! It was one of the best collections I have actually ever seen, and that's saying quite a lot, Trust and Believe! 

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