Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dear Readers...

Tues. 06/28/2016.

Hello, My Wonderful readers,

I am HOPELESSLY backed up here with shows that I must get reviews done on, with Fall Couture just about 5 days around the Corner (Starting Sun.) and the Spring 2017 coming quickly after starting in September... I will not be able to cover all that ground in the limited time available... I am just going to try and play Catch-up as well and Quickly as I can. I promise to be current in the near future, but as of now, if you will only stick with me and kindly read my thoughts on past collections, I will get there. 

It is a Daunting task ahead of me, but I want to achieve it. Just please stay the course with me. Thank You, SO, SO MUCH! I appreciate EVERY, SINGLE Reader out there that gives me the impetus to continue on and not scrap this Blog. Take Care All! 

Thank You All, Sincerely.

Terrill Lawrence Sanford (ChanelBear4Evah!)

That's All.


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