Monday, June 27, 2016

Louis Vuitton.

Weds. 03/11/2015.

As far as any collection designed by Nicholas Ghesquiere CAN Be, his Fall 2015 Louis Vuitton showing was something of a success! Personally, Ghesquiere, NEVER fully impresses me in any way, I don't like his design aesthetic and I think he is one of the most ostentatiously praised designers in the business when he doesn't produce work worthy of such praise. This collection saw Ghesquiere producing some delightfully desirable pieces mixed in with his usual fashion Detritus. From Freja Beha's opening exit of a SUPER Fluffy, Mod-ish White Mongolian Lamb coat (and the subsequent toppers that followed) Nic got us off to a Surprisingly good start!

For a Ghesquiere collection, though, there were amazingly few fumbles, they did exist, but they did not dominate, as usual, Nicholas seemed to contain himself this go round, reining in his more esoteric and high-minded tendencies and focused on what REAL women of THIS century want to wear and ARE wearing. Not an easy trick to perform for him, do be aware! I could write a dissertation several thousand words long on what exactly is wrong with Ghesquiere's designs, but that would be futile at this juncture with such a fine collection to admire.

One thing in the past that has been blatantly apparent, Ghesquiere showed he had not ONE FUCKING CLUE as to what women who aren't scions of the Fashion industry or Arch modernists find Sexy and Femininely appealing... His clothes have always been too... FAUX cerebral and disconnected from what a woman with less rarefied tastes and to that point, the men in those women's lives, find sexy. In one Sizzling pass, Nic corrected that perception (partially) in a Sophia Loren/Dolce & Gabanna Worthy Wiggle of a Slip dress in Techno Satin and Lace on Amanda Murphy. It was the Very Definition of BOMBSHELL! He also managed to show how excellent his Tailleur skills are, with some Sleekly cut pantsuits that should be giving inappropriate amounts of Fever to shoppers!

While it still is frightfully obvious that Ghesquiere doesn't know the first thing to do with Metallic Brocades and Sparkling Crystals, or how to make anything in the way of an Evening ensemble look less than tortured and overwrought. Outside of those foibles, this collection was pretty damn amazing from start to finish and showed a glimmer of hope, and.. (Clutch The Pearls) Promise! That's saying SO Much more than a lot when it comes to Nicholas Ghesquiere and knowing him,,, this was simply a phase, he most likely will be back in outer space when next we meet! Although, this collection will keep a little light burning in the window that Nic may find his way back to this home of Superb Fashion...

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