Friday, June 24, 2016

Paul & Joe.

Tues. 03/10/2015.

"Le Femme Francaise" That was the feeling exuding from Sophie Mechaly's Fall 2015 output at her resolutely Francaise label, Paul and Joe. There were Scarf/Ascot neck blouses, a bit of deconstructed "Le Smoking" (In Velvet, no less) some "Le Petit Robes Noire" and all the things that a Stylish woman needs to keep her closet and wardrobe refreshed and perky come the new season! Mechaly provided some of the easiest to wear and chicest options available come Fall. Par Example, A VERY YSL suit in Grey Flannel cut with slim Bermudas instead of pants, A Perfectly French shaggy Mongolian Lamb Fur Shearling coat with a Floral print wisp of a dress underneath, which will give an instantaneous Boho Moment to whomever will be wearing it!

With Berets, Little discreet ruffles, Peter Pan collars and Excellent tailoring, Mechaly achieved a spirited, yet balanced, approach to the season, while still remaining true to her aesthetic, From a short Black Coat, (Exit 26) perfect for the Modern "Belle Du Jour" to the Super Easy and Offhandedly Glamours Tank strap sequined Slip dress in Stripes, there was a bit of everything for everyone. Mechaly came up with a Strong and Stylish Effort that showed a Resolute conviction and Scalpel Sharp Focus, something many of her brethren could learn and learn, FAST! 

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