Thursday, June 30, 2016

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016.

Weds. 05/06/2015.

Firstly, Much has been made of the John Lautner designed former house of Bob Hope that Nicholas Ghesquiere chose to show his Resort 2016 collection at in Palm Springs. Yes, it's a bit of a Spectacle. Yes, it's something a little Extraordinary and outside the usual. It's a little Grand. And in the final pages of the diary of the event, it was the best thing about the whole Escapade! Ghesquiere's collection was a Mishmash mess and a half of disorienting scope. Between Strange Leather abutments styled like belts that criss-crossed the midsection, to Granny prints, and unexciting clothes for the most part, it added up to nothing more than, confusion.

It wasn't per se, a BAD showing, but it was Disjointed, and that can often times lead to a show being hard to love because of it. It surely was the case on this Sunny Evening. Were there pieces that curried favour, Absolutely, A Meticulously crafted Lacquered Black Croc coat was sounding the Must Have bell with Clarion precision. as was a STUNNING gown in equally Precise Lizard with sheer spiral insets, in Black on Army Green, that was about as Couture as you can get without the Labour Intensity of the craft.

Ghesquiere offered a nice range of pieces otherwise to tempt the money out of his clients wallets, but as a whole, the show did not work. It felt awkward and unbalanced and a trifle too esoteric, (Ghesquiere's High-Mindedness at work again, and not for the betterment of the collection) Ghesquiere is LOATHE, it would seem, to SIMPLIFY his ideas, which would do him a world of good. Why should he though? Especially when he receives the highest praise for his unconventional pieces, pieces which most times come off looking just overworked, overwrought, overthought and underwhelming!

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