Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sonia Rykiel.

Mon. 03/09/2015.

After Julie de Libran's highly successful debut for Spring at the storied house of Sonia Rykiel, Fall 2015 fell right into lockstep with that debut and the spirit that de Libran is bringing to the house. This collection envisaged the Rykiel woman as somewhat more Boheme than Spring did and capitalized on the Mariniere theme that was running through that collection as well. Here, the collection was augmented with some of the best Coats to be had for Fall and some Sparkly confections just right for those girls trying to catch that Studio 54 vibe in the 20-teens. 

One thing that came certainly to the fore, de Libran has some serious Tailleur chops. The coat at Exit No. 3 proved that without any effort at all! Sleek, Razor Sharp and Clean, it was one of those pieces that screamed to be a Closet staple for Fall, Winter and the Chilly days of Spring. Elsewhere, de Libran's Rykiel girl was less Gamine than last season and a little more Magpie, threading a 60's eclecticism into her wardrobe this time out, from Zig-Zag stripes to an Absolutely Stunning Apricot Pink Suede coat flourished with Curly Mongolian Lamb and Stitch embroidery! 

All-in-All, this collection didn't feel quite as Laser beam focused as Spring, but held treasures for the plundering nonetheless, especially a Glittery Beaded cutout Lace top paired with Silver Velvet pants that could have been slung across Diana Ross' body, Circa 1977 and was the most appealing of the sparse evening section of the show. De Libran is headed in all the right directions and only need to keep her Aim True and her vision Honed. Next time, she might want to edit a little more ruthlessly as to not meander so much away from the her True North. Yet, Sometimes, a little bit of a Caprice never hurt anyone! 

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