Monday, June 27, 2016

Miu Miu.

Weds. 03/11/2015.

Save for Exit No. 37, A Spectacular Black dress inset with Python, which had a Superior YSL Chicness about it, though in a skewed way (being that it's Miuccia Prada, could it be anything OTHER THAN skewed?) the Fall 2015 Miu Miu collection that ended Fashion Week in Paris was, as a closing statement on all that has transpired in the season, a gigantic letdown. The collection looked like 1980's Fluoro Bright "Jem And The Holograms" playing dress up in 1950's/1960's era Cardin and YSL. The collection was Lurid, Garish. It wasn't even bad taste, which is fun, it was... NO TASTE! 

For me, the quickest way to get my hackles up is for a designer to show numerous repeats of the same pieces in different prints and/or colours, and that is just what Prada did through almost the entirety of this collection and the Fatigue and Pissed Offed-ness set in FAST! Offering the Same Lady coat, 6-7 times, just shown in different colours or plaids, and more oft than not with the same underpinnings in differing colours from their counterparts as well... That's NOT FUCKING DESIGNING! That's Styling. And I, for one, was not drinking the Kool-Aid, Chillrens! 

As with Spring, the message (whatever it was that Miuccia wanted to convey) was lost in the Medium. The collection was kind of a Funny nudge to the Mix/Clash 80's in all it's glory with a bit of Diana of Windsor's Demure Anti-Fashionability thrown in to temper it, but in the end... It was more Trash than Clash. 

That's All.


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