Monday, January 6, 2014

Naeem Khan.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Naeem Khan.

It's hard to be mad at such a Luxuriantly Beautiful Collection as this! Even Though it's pretty much a Evening-Centric Collection, it was just so damn Jaw-Dropping! I level the same Criticism that I have leveled at ALL Evening based collections by designers... They are not entirely Viable in the Grand Scheme of the Fashion Industry. It simply does not compute to make a Well-Rounded Offering of fashion on a Diet of Sequins, Beads and Fishtails Alone!

But let's face it... Khan is an old hand at this and has a Masterful grasp in this Milleu! So, as flawed as an All-Evening Collection can be... this was one of the Best of the season. The Colours. The Embroideries. The BEAUTY!

Suffice it to say there were a COUPLE of outfits that had a Day-ish feel to them but In general, It was a Gung Ho Evening collection all the way to the end with a Dramatic and Regal Bride Gown to close.

Just to be indulge in the Glorious Excess of it all...  A few standout Exits... No. 1 to be sure was a Almost Bridal way to begin in a White Re-Embroidered Lace Gown that had an almost T-Shirt ease to it. Exit No. 7 was pretty awesome and perfectly in the Springtime mode in a Black Djellaba Caftan gown lavished with White Persian Floral Embroidery. Exit No. 28 was a Coral Orange Stunner of LAVISH Pansy Floral Sequin and Bead Embroidery that could teach Elie Saab a thing or four... it was FANTASTICAL! Exit No. 42 hit it out of the park as well in the softest Dawn Pink with Whorls and Swirls of Applique and Beading, DROP! DEAD! GORGEOUS!

So, Yes. It was All Evening, All The Time Chez Naeem Khan Spring 2014 But it was also perhaps the finest execution of all Evening attire to be seen so far. It was Mind Boggling and Achingly Beautiful To Boot!

That's All.


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