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Sun. 09/29/2013.


Pith Helmets? Calling Gunga-Din! It was a Interesting and In Fact, Absolutely Perfect stylistic choice for this collection by Albert Kreimler for Akris Spring 2014. There was a Desert inspiration that was translated literally and figuratively throughout, from the Undulating Sand Dune prints that were more an abstraction that came off MORE Literal for their abstract nature to the Safari-Esque Clothing that Kreimler produced for the collection.

After opening with a languid expression of Desert Glamour, Exit No. 2 was what really got the ball rolling. A sleeveless tunic dress in a palette of Moonlight shades that suggested the Desert dunes at pitch dark midnight when the moon is high and casts it's glow upon the monotone surface and ripples and curves like ocean waves. It was Breathtaking even though it was Magically Simple. A suit of Bold Scorched earth Sahara shades at Exit No.4 was Exquisite and cut with Precision detail!

Kreimler's fabrications are always of the most prodigious ilk. He has in his backyard at his Swiss Atelier the Phenomenal House of Schlaepfer St. Gall right there under his Fingertips. The Famed Fabric and Embroidery house has worked closely with Kreimler for Decades and has brought to fruition much of Kreimler's Fantasies. The Quality of the Colour Saturations and Depth is because of close work with the St. Gallen Fabric house. It Shows in Spades!

Back to the clothes, a Snowy White Caban coat at Exit No. 13 was a Glorious technical achievement with it's sculpted curved petals on one side of the coat and Pure line and cut. Also exhibiting Technical Mastery were the pieces of irregular cut strips of fabric connected with oversized Fagoting, Two such pieces were Pinging High on the Desirable register, A Luxe Casual full-length dress in Cocoa at Exit No. 23 and a Black Suit at Exit No. 33!

It wasn't exactly Kreimler's Strongest affair for the House of Akris, but it was Noteworthy showing with tons of pieces that would be easy to want and wear. It Certainly pushed the House of Akris forward, and sometimes that's not an altogether smooth transition. But the rewards that are reaped are rich and bountiful. This was just such a case, Rough at times yes, but the house will be all the better for it when the intergration of the new and old coheres!

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