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Sun. 09/29/2013.

Ricardo Tisci's Spring 2014 was one of those idiosyncratic affairs that bordered equally on the Mesmerizing and Brilliant as it did on the Foolish and Absurd. Which side of the fence this collection had it's feet more firmly planted on is up for debate, but it sure will be some High-Spirited Debate. I, Myself, tend to fall somewhere in the middle. It was impressive for it's Audacity but it was also a bit of a Convoluted Mess. There was too much going on, and too much of a tale trying to be told that didn't in the end amount to much more than just Bluster and Artifice.

Beginning on a Jersey note with some Intermixing of Leather, the opening idea was hurriedly pushed aside in Favour of almost grotesque tailoring mimicking some perverse Japanese Kimono/Samurai Warrioress tailoring that felt Overly Executed and Tricked out with no real purpose to all the trickery other than a "Look At Me" kind of Gaudiness. Then we were firmly back in the land of Jersey, and to be truthful, nothing good came from this. The execution on these pieces were more akin to Experimentations rather than full-fledged clothes to wear in the here and now. Not to say they were the worse offences of the collection, they were in their own way Fetching, But they were belaboured to the point of being exhausting!

Continuing, Tisci had explained that there was a mash-up of Japan and Africa from whence his starting point came. The Africa idea was apparent in the colours, especially of those drapee Jersey pieces, Rich Spice and Desert tones. and the Japanese aspects have already been touched upon... as wildly divergent as these two spires of inspiration may be, when Tisci got the mix JUST RIGHT, it was spontaneous and compelling.

Also very Compelling, a Trio of Sequined pieces in Garnet, Copper and Rust which were perhaps the most stable outfits in the collection and felt the most modern for their lack of exaggeration. By the time the Candy Coloured Sequined Gowns that ended the show came out, Tisci had navigated some choppy and treacherous waters, seeming to find his way only towards the end of his journey.

This is the kind of collection that will have the Fashionistas Drooling and those who follow Tisci's Huge Celebrity fan base all A-"Twitter" about how Cool and Directional and Influential it all is. In the end, It was really another overly thought out exercise in experimental fashion that for the most part, Fell as flat as those Hideous Birkenstocks that the models trod down the runway in.

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