Sunday, May 4, 2014

Viktor & Rolf.

Sat. 09/28/2013.

Not Good, Viktor & Rolf. Spring 2014 was not the best you can do by a Country Mile. Too Little inspiration and Far Too Little execution of the ideas that were present. The whole affair felt, Downmarket. The label seems to be Floundering a bit now. A slump seems to have set in firmly and Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren cannot seem to Recapture that Bold, Quizzical View they once had. There have been some Up's and more often than not, Down's and it is leaving something of an unpleasant taste on one's palate. 

The most Interesting of all the exits here was the opening one, and even that came off a little boring. They touched upon many of the items that have become Leitmotif of the season, Shirtdressing, All White, Sporty/Athletic, all present. Somehow, though, those pieces latching onto the current seasonal Zeitgeist only made the collection feel even more deficient! V&R are better and more intelligent designers than that! One trope they settled upon that felt new, was the way they handled the pleated skirts. New, Yes. Good.... No! ''

The collection had a Vaguely Preppy vibe it was working and with all the Emblems and Prep Blazers around one could View that V&R and their use of Pleating was thematic... but it Didn't come together as such. What it did come off as was forced! And Inspiration-less, as if a they couldn't find an idea and waited 'til the Eleventh Hour to Scurry about and Scrounge up something to show. and that would be what we got! A Slapdash, Rushed collection that had as much life pumping through it as a Jack-O'-Lantern! 

All one can hope for and say is, Better Luck, Next Time, Guys!

That's All.


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