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Tues. 10/02/2013.

Jungle Love. (Oh we oh we oh!) Sorry for the Morris Day and the Time Reference there, but It couldn't be helped! Christophe Lemaire took Hermes into the Dark of the Jungle for Spring 2014. In Typically adroit fashion, Lemaire crafted a collection of relaxed Ultra Luxury with an Exotica spin this season, Finding inspiration in the works of Artist Henri Rousseau and his Darkly Romantic and Mysterious works that used the Jungle as narrative backdrop. It was a winsome choice and one that richly paid dividends for the Hermes Customer. 

There was such Louche easiness in the collection that all the Luxe could be missed if one wasn't paying attention, although those Croc Leather Culottes and Skirts were hard to miss by a Country Mile. The Opening oversized Floral print Head-to-Toe ensemble was Kicky and Moody and yet not the least bit overwhelming. While a Black silky zip-front Anorak Jacket with a pair of Black Crocodile Culottes was the picture of Understated Excess at Exit No. 7! A supple Teal Shift dress in Suede at Exit No. 16 had instantaneous Desire written all over it. 

There were some divinely calculated pieces in the simplest seeming cuts in the most delicious fabrics that took sportif to a heretofore unimaginable level... there was something Safari as well as Explorer to the clothes which gave a feeling of Adventure, Mystery, Discovery, One could imagine the Decadence of Indochina pre-war, or Traipsing through the Congo searching out the native peoples... It was all just perfection captured in a droll and quietly sophisticated way that never loss the sense of spontaneous ease! 

Leave it then, to Lemaire, Who closes out the entire fashion Extravaganza every year to end his show and in essence, the season,  with the most Prominent Idea of the entire Spring 2014 season, A Ravishing take on the All-White trend so dominant this season as to be Smothering.  Here it was as Airy and Unfettered as any take on it through the entire gamut of Spring 2014. And it also proved that Lemaire has got the formula down at Hermes and is just beginning to Flower into the full Bloom of his Talent, As those showy Rousseau Prints he used so fearlessly would Suggest! 

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