Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stella McCartney.

Mon. 09/30/2013.

"An Accent on Understated Seduction" was the lines that punctuated Stella McCartney's program notes for Spring 2014... YAWN! What that Idee Fixe produced was a Boring and sadly, Homely Collection at the Maison Stella Built. It had none of the usual Wit and Sparkle, The Sly knowing Wink that you can feel in McCartney's Clothes was entirely absent here. It felt Flat. As if Stella was Treading water and Grasping for a lifeline and just managed to grab ahold of a flotation device and keep from drowning.

What was with the preoccupation with those Unflattering Bubble Skirts with the Organza Drop hems? Huh? they couldn't even manage to look good on THE MODELS. How are the real women of the world going to hope for anything in the way of Magical? There were Good moments... The New take on the Track suit in Rust and Cafe Au Lait, and Ink Blue had that Edge that McCartney is known for and looked Chic as hell to boot. A simple Pencil skirt in a shiny Black/White vintage-y floral print worn beneath a classic Cap sleeve top was giving good retro, but looked totally today! 

The lacy numbers that ended the show were neither Seductive or Understated, they WERE Awkward and Silly. By far, Not the best showing from Ms. McCartney, this isn't one that's going to go down in the history books as a Greatest Show. But it will have enough to keep the women Stella dresses with consistency, happy until Fall. 

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