Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saint Laurent.

Mon. 029/30/2013.

You gotta give it to Hedi Slimane. If there was anyone capable of pushing the Venerable House of YSL (Now just Saint Laurent) into the future by reprocessing the glories of the past, it is He! And he seems born to it like a Duck to Water. Is it ceaselessly Young, Yes. Is it Overtly Sexy, Yes. But in his Heyday those were all negatives hurled at Yves himself, So, it would seem, Slimane is travelling in the well worn steps of the master. 

Quintessential YSL was very much the Flavour of the day, what with bared nipples peeking out from Sheer see-through blouses and "Le Smoking" looks abound, even touches of "Saharienne: crept up in places. Slimane was showing he was adept in the Language of the house and that this season to be sure, He was "All About Yves!"
There was MUCH going on, a Mash-up of Yves' Rive Gauche Lady and Slimane's East Coast Party Rockin' Girl met in a mutual dialogue that found perhaps it's best Expression at Exit No. 17. A Point D'Esprit sheer Black Blouse with a Sky High Sequined Mini. That was the Synthesis of Yves/Hedi to it's Core! And it was shockingly good, to boot!
Anyone who knows the Lexicon of YSL could go on a Prolix Diatribe about this collection, Comparing and Contrasting Outfit upon Outfit, but it would serve little purpose. Those of us who KNOW YSL know that Slimane is steering the ship in the right direction, those newcomers and those too young to know or care, It would be a waste of good words trying to inform them of what is Transpiring here. If they want to learn, there is ample Data out there for them to pore over and investigate. All I shall say is this, 

Slimane has grasped tight to the history of this house and instead of Ignoring it or slavishly recreating it, he is Distilling his own personality into the DNA of the house and transmutating it into something Perfectly right for now! It's a Herculean Feat, To be sure, but Slimane is proving himself Absolutely Adroit and Suited  to the task! 

That's All.


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