Saturday, May 3, 2014

Haider Ackermann.

Sat. 09/28/2013.

Haider Ackermann.

Spring 2014 was not a collection up to par for a designer like Haider Ackermann whom has had a Meteoric rise in the fashion ranks and with as much praise and acclaim lavished upon him it was distressingly surprising to see this kind of collection emerge from one of the newest Luminaries in the Fashion Universe. More than anything, This collection from Ackermann was unfortunate. It was a Tragic Misstep. There was little in the way of redeeming qualities to this truly Bewilderingly Puzzling collection!

Ackermann's usually Pitch Perfect Colour sense was faulty here but that was just the most minor of the errors that overran this collection. The long skirts hiked up to reveal Bermudas or skinny pants. What should have been effortless and ingeniously fluid was Haphazard and Disheveled and came off as strained and overworked. In Fact, it looked Contrived in the most unsatisfactory of ways.

Ackermann condensed his collection down to the Sound Byte, "A Handsome Woman" and there was quite a Masculine bent to the show (when isn't there a masculine nuance to Ackermann's work though???) and was perhaps more pronounced than usual. That small conceit although was no Saving Grace, even his skilled Tailoring seemed lost amidst the Confusion.

When Ackermann simplified things, it was Poetry. A Simple crossover halter top with a sublime pair of pants at Exit No. 6 in all black was Stunning if not for the fact alone that it looked Exceptionally Chic! As was a dress that in theory should have been as dead awkward as could be, An off shoulder Black dress at Exit No. 20 also had Dramatic Impact. Two exits however cannot save a show as Flawed as this one. Ackermann delivered a Dud of a collection and nothing was capable of saving it. Faulty, as it was, from the inception, Ackermann careened way off the course with this Show. Let's hope he gets his Mojo back for Fall.

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