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Elie Saab.

Mon. 09/30/2013.

Elie Saab.

"A Foolish Consistency Is The Hobgoblin Of Little Minds" One would never think that phrase would be appropriate in the context of Fashion. But in many halls of the Haute Monde, That rings truer than really any phrase could hope to. In the case of designers like Elie Saab and his ilk whom focus strictly on Evening Attire, that Quote is more Akin To GOSPEL! No designer can be taken seriously designing confections alone. With a Sigh of relief, Saab Corrected that Foolish Consistency with some pieces in his Spring 2014 collection that while they erred on the highly decorated side of Daywear, there were true Day Wear Pieces to be found!

The collection felt all the more freed and fresher by this injection of Luxe Day clothes. One Small Hiccup though, Saab has the most unfortunate habit of sending his looks down the runway in Bland blocks of the same Colour at EVERY SHOW! Here, it was first Salmon Pink, Then White, Tourmaline Green, White with a Floral Print, Cerise Red and so on down the line... It's Utterly Infuriating because it just saturates the eye with the one colour and there is no surprise or excitement. Just Blah swatches of colour until that section is spent and then the next colour. Saab would do himself a Universe of good if he mixed things up!

As for the fashion, there's completely NO need to go into details about the Evening wear... this was a Bumper crop of some of Saab's best evening pieces in a while and again, it's so rote to go on about his eveningwear abilities that it travels into the redundant! As for the Day Pieces, that's where the real beauty came in. Saab proved he can cut one HELLUVA Pair of pants and the one he showed throughout were Precision cut and Sexily Feminine as well as Figure Flattering/Accentuating!

The opening Blouse and Pant ensemble in Salmon was Perfect and Refreshing. As was the shirt dress that followed, smothered in Floral embroidery, it did double duty as a Opulent day piece and was equally suited to a cocktail party! A Jaw-Dropping Batwing dress in White at Exit No. 16 with it's Gossamer Lace insets Nearly stole the show! The same could be said for the White A-Line dress with the Floral hem at Exit No. 32.

After that, It was pretty much a Mad Dash to the Evening section of the story and in Typical Saab Fashion, most if not all of it was Top-Notch. Expected, Boring even a trifle, But Definitely at the Zenith of the Milleu! One can hope that Saab has firmly grasped the concept that a GREAT collection needs daywear. While he can turn out a Beautiful Collection of Evening clothes with one hand tied behind his back blindfolded and forced to listen to Taylor Swift music Non-Stop, if he can keep producing Attractive and Desirous Day Pieces he will have conquered the final hurdle to make him a Fashion Luminary!

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