Thursday, December 22, 2016

Balmain Resort 2016.

Mon. 07/06/2015.

One-Trick Pony. The phrase that has, with exceeding quickness, become forefront to encapsulating the styles of fashion that Olivier Rousteing has been parading forth for the house of Balmain. And, to be sure... It has worn SUPER Thin at this point. His clothes have always had a Larger-Than-Life sense of "Look At Me!" to them, as well as more than it's fair share of trashiness and classlessness... It has been what has attracted the sluttier and of no class quotient of Celebrity-dom like the Trashy, Whorish Kardashians and such ilk. And Rousteing has courted this army of slutty bunnies with an insatiable appetite and desire to clothe them in ever more tawdry wares.

His Resort collection, unfortunately enough, was more of the same. Helplessly Tacky and even worse to say, Hopelessly Predictable. Rousteing's designs stick out like a Sore Thumb and announce themselves about a half hour before they arrive to whatever event they will be slinking around at. Just too much of it is congested and smothered in overworked surfaces and techniques and this time, Heaven Help Us All... Disastrously, RUFFLES! Yes, Darlings... that WAS a tiered and ruffled Suede Flamenco skirt you saw on Ysaunny Brito. Lord Mercy Jesus!

The collection was so difficult to find any sort of sophistication in, and that was deeply to it's detriment. It didn't come across as ugly, but it damn sure verged awfully close. The "Ugly" aspect was that the clothes didn't so much empower as enhance, and what it was enhancing was all the wrong things. I have nothing at all against Slutty Sexy, Gianni and Donatella have crafted a Exquisite universe of pushing the boundaries of Slutty/Sexy, but Chez Versace, it has always been crafted with Class and Elegance. Rousteing seems to know nothing of those Twin Scions. He really should get to becoming friends with them... Tout De Suite!

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