Thursday, December 22, 2016

Céline Resort 2016.

Thurs. 10/22/2015.

Who this woman is exactly, that dresses in Céline, is a TOTAL Mystery to me. Phoebe Philo's Resort collection for 2016 for the label is as mystifying as it totally outlandish! The clothes here are often so incomprehensibly bewildering, that to call them dysfunctional would be bordering on a compliment! Most in the fashion circles swoon over this, let's call a spade a spade, shall we... "SHIT" like it's Mother's Milk. Sorry, I don't really like that particular flavour of Kool-Aid that they are drinking! Maybe, it is me. Perhaps, I simply don't get it... I'd like to comfort myself with that knowledge and hope that at some point I WILL GET IT, yet my brain doesn't work like that and I can't get this. It's too damn... Horrendous! 

Philo seems to be defiantly trying to push people's ideas of what is fashion, but in a way that comes across as snotty and boorish. Like she's too cool for the rest of the pack. What it equates to is some unwearable trash masquerading as Fashion. Let's be frank, there are treasures amidst the trash, A Pencil Striped Trench in a Pretty Sea Blue and White had legs, as did a Palomino coloured shaggy fur with Leather tie closures, that piece was killing it, to be fair! But the rest... A Dung Heap! That's about as good a comment as I can muster! 

That's All.


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