Thursday, December 15, 2016

Belstaff Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/24/2016.

Simplicity can equate to Luxury. The new head of design for Belstaff, Delphine Ninous practiced that mantra with her latest effort for the house of Belstaff, an old British house of design, like Burberry, Daks, and so forth, that made it's name in Motorcycle jackets made from a Waterproof cotton, then moved into luxury leather on a par with that of Hermès, but without all that Horse-y Equestrianism. Ninous' is trying to reposition Belstaff in a more sportif niche, to that end, her Resort 2016 collection is very much a step in the right direction.

Abandoning much of the Leather-centric collections of the past, Ninous has began taking some of the tension out of the clothes and letting them breathe and relax a little more. Cropped pants, relaxed knits, flowing materials abounded and it made for a somewhat beach-y, boho vibe that felt quite right! Layering was the key to the success of the looks mostly, because it added an unencumbered, effortless, spontaneous and breezy feel to the separates that gave them that flash of interest. A Light Grey heathered Tweed coat glided easily over zippered ankle sweats and an Ice Grey Leather jacket worn over a sheer, wavy printed Hazy Grey Button-down. Or the intrinsically easy Black Duffle tunic top with Bungee pulls at the waist and buttoned surplus pockets over a more intricate skirt... it almost qualified as an evening look for the So-Cal thinking kinda gal!

In all respects, the collection was deeply experimental and trying a lot of things to see how they cohered together and if they worked, since the edit was sharp and clean, it hung together absolutely wonderfully. Ninous seems to have a grasp on the aesthetic she is trying to evoke, This outing proved she does have much more to say, and with the way she's saying it, we all will most likely, be listening.

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