Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tracy Reese Resort 2016.

Mon. 07/06/2015.

If you like Pretty, then Tracy Reese's 2016 Resort collection has all the things you need to be as Pretty as a Peach! A truly delightful excursion filled to capacity with Bright, Happy, Upbeat and Unabashedly GIRLY clothes made for Woman and Girls alike! Sublime, Positive colour was the most gleeful facet of the collection, Robin's Egg Blue, Mica Pink, Ocean Blue, Electric Turquoise, Coral... Plus a healthy soupçon of Neutrals, Black and White. Swishy dancing skirts and ruffles added more lively flair to the collection and a breezy attitude topped it all off wonderfully so!

The best pieces were actually, the ones that did indulge their lighthearted and girlish sides the most, A Sweeping Robin's Egg Blue flora and fauna print sundress was as easy as Sunday Morning, while a Flutter sleeve wrap dress in a graphic Black/Neutral print had equal parts of Dressed Up and Casual and could manage both, handily! While a White Lace dance dress with Black over-embroidery was a polished and masterful take on the perfect dress for a Summer Night! 

Reese managed to create a Fanciful collection that was not bogged down by saccharine condescension or lack of sophistication. It was how a True Woman wants to dress when she wants to get in touch with her inner Girl! Most women I know, are always happy to dress like their inner youthful self, yet still remain 100% Grown Ass Woman! Quite the Fetching Combo, if you ask me! 

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