Monday, December 19, 2016

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2016.

Thurs. 07/02/2015.

In the midst of waiting for Peter Dundas to transition into the storied Casa de Cavalli (A place he has occupied in the past, and as of this writing occupies no longer, staying for only the hottest of minutes!) the design team whipped up this overdone and frankly, predictable froth of a Resort collection. Cavalli is a house stuck in it's own history and is perpetually propagating the same old tropes and ideas over and over again, ad nauseam. In it's better moments it simply borders on lazy and boring, in it's worst, dreadfully leaden and forgettable. There is no freshness, no relief from the consistent reliance on the archives and the past fashions and signatures of the house. 

This was absolutely no exception. Fringe, Haute Hippie looks, Sheer Black frocks, Denim, Bowie-esque Tuxedo jackets... Et Cetera... Et Cetera... you know the rest. If it wasn't so garishly overworked at times it would be desperately bland. Were the pieces wearable and fashionable...? Yes, they were. Were they anything we haven't seen in a dozen different regurgitated incarnations before? No, they weren't, and that about sums it up, to be totally honest! 

That's All.


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