Monday, December 19, 2016

Miu Miu Resort 2016.

Sat. 07/07/2015.

In the world of Miuccia Prada, Fashion journalists, bloggers, magazine editors, store buyers and generally any hanger-on adjunct to the fashion industry, all seem to have deep, philosophical thoughts on each and every collection Madame Prada produces and all try to peel back the often times innumerable layers of subtext AND context to try to get at the beating heart of meaning of Miuccia's always percolating and astutely agile mind, Yours truly, included! Some go WAY too far and over indulge themselves in a practical onanistic orgy of verbal diarrhea that definitely proves that they like to read just how clever and insightful they are and edge themselves to an orgasmic release of Self-Important superiority of language... (You know who my eyes are gazing on as I write these words...)

Sometimes... it's just to say... Fuck That Noise and leave all the bloviated over analysis to the Four winds and just enjoy the goddamn show! You Know? That was the feeling I think Señora Prada was trying to convey with this collection... Turn your Brain into the "OFF" position, Sit back, Relax, and have a moment to just enjoy and have some FUN! Her Miu Miu Resort 2016 collection was the perfect collection for the 4th of July, full of it's own kind of fireworks and raw energy! It was sexy, and for once with Miuccia, GENUINELY Sexy, not subliminally or intellectually, but Good, Pure, Red-Blooded Sexy! It was, in it's way, Pretty! It was Raucous. And it worked! From top to bottom! 

She staged a Party, a Rave some say... I think it was hearkening back more to the days of CBGB's and the late 70's where S-E-X was seen as a Healthy and Good thing and there wasn't all those connotations of Sluttiness and Kardashian-like trashiness to sex! I saw more Blondie than Courtney Love. Even though there was a Grunge aspect to the collection to be sure, Prada sent out a wild cacophony of ideas that held together seamlessly and truly made the onlooker smile, not from some arrogant sense of intellectual knowing, but from the fact that these clothes didn't feel like they were thought out in any manner, they just seemed thrown on and ready to go out the door to the party! 

It was a Feel Good collection to be sure, something we haven't witnessed from Miuccia in quite a while, and it LOOKED GOOD! Her recent efforts for this label have been hackneyed and belaboured to DEATH and looked overwhelming. This, on the other hand, Was effortless! Proving (overly analytical types out there...)  One needn't always "THINK" About one's fashion... and that includes one of Fashion's Greatest thinkers of all time... Miuccia Prada!

That's All.


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