Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nina Ricci Resort 2016.

Sun. 07/05/2016.

Guillaume Henry presented a fascinating and brilliant Resort collection for Nina Ricci, where he was just ensconced a few months ago. For the second collection under his design, it hit, practically, every note pure and true! Henry's collection is a little less Frou-Frou than what Peter Copping did at the label, but the essential concern with femininity was forefront, (as it should be) yet handled with a somewhat more décontracté air about it. 

The best takeaway, even though the Girly clothes were deliciously delightful, Henry packed the most punch in his virtually detail-less pieces that had a graceful and easy everyday appeal but still looked anything but basic! A beauty of a Shift dress with a gentle flared "Swish" of a hem in Bone was super easy for day, and could double for Cocktail duty in a nanosecond. A Natural Linen Trench was as perfect as any woman, in any city, in any country, could possibly desire! Also, a long, Gauzy sleeveless Black gown/dress with raw edges at the neck and armholes, paired with a Midnight Blue peacoat proved to have a versatility that could transition it from day to night without any worry or concern! 

Henry is quickly staking his claim at this storied Maison and adding his own flavour to the mix. What Copping left behind as a template, Henry is subtly shifting and adjusting to bear more of his signature, yet still give the Ricci woman what she desires... That is a Recipe for Success, if you ask me!

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