Thursday, December 15, 2016

David Koma Resort 2016.

Fri. 06/26/2015.

David Koma Resort 2016.

Just like his Debut Resort collection, this Review will be brief. David Koma showed his first outing in the Resort arena for 2016, and as debuts go, it was a solid, if not occasionally head scratching performance. To get to the meat of the matter, those winged leather abutments and his penchant for swooping, puzzle piece like cutouts can quickly be dismissed as distracting and not helping the clothes one iota! When Koma concentrated on his Body-Con looks and his way with Scalpel precise cutting to emphasize the best aspects of a woman's physique, he was hitting Home Run atop Home Run!

Take, Par Example, The Black Leather dress with a curvilinear cutout like a circuitous mountain rode that was inset with leather lacing from sternum to thigh... SUB-LIME! Or the Black Crepe gown that featured the same Leather laced inset slashed down the front of the gown asymmetrically to a scandalously high slit. Sexy as All Get Out! There were other miraculous moments such as these, but they were somewhat obscured by all the over design and intricacy that added up to nothing at all but quirkiness in the end. With more focus, Next go round for Resort should be a Top-Notch Outing!

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