Sunday, December 18, 2016

DSquared2 Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/28/2015.

DSquared2 Resort 2016.

Dean and Dan Caten produced a Resort collection for their 2016 DSquared² collection, that while including some nice and exciting fare, proved ultimately, Juvenile and Puzzling. The looks, on the whole, had a 12-under vibe that didn't play out as an adult take on childish clothing, it just looked like an adult dressing in high-end Kid's clothes. Another aspect, Zero Sophistication. The Caten's work looked Mall Chain Store quality. For Never 22 or some such thing. The most interesting piece was a Mini-Checked peacoat trimmed in vibrant Yellow. 

The DSquared² collection had a visible fun-ness that was hard to escape, it also had a searing lack of haute-ness and chicness. The Caten's found inspiration, as the set from their look book would imply, from the school yard... And it showed! Unfortunately, that's where it should have stayed. 

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