Friday, June 13, 2014

A Review Of Spring 2014 Haute Couture.

Fri. 06/13/2014.

Dear Readers, 

I am going on a Brief Soujourn to write about my true Passion in Fashion, The Haute Couture Shows in Paris, In Which the Fall 2014 shows will start in July on the 6th. This will be a brief excursion, essentially because it is only a handful of shows to review, but those shows offer Maximum Impact! 

Hoping you enjoy my reviews and continue to read on. Spring 2015 is quickly approaching (the shows start in September, I WILL BE, PROMISE, Blogging live AND ON TIME for the Spring 2015 shows)  and I will be on course after getting the Fall 2014 reviews done. Stick with me, My Loyal Friends. I am working my ass off to get this all done and be up-to-date and current. 

Love You, One And All.


Terrill Lawrence Sanford.

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