Friday, June 13, 2014

Atelier Versace.

Sun. 01/19/2014.

Donatella Versace proved she was a "Slave To The Rhythm" by finding her Muse in the Enigmatic and Flamboyant Model/Singer/Entertainer/Force Of Nature Grace Jones. It was a thrilling inspirational touchstone and one, that as fashion muses/inspirations go, should have been touched upon long ago. The Central Idea of the collection centered around the 80's era Jones in which she was often seen wearing a slinky YSL inspired Hood, however that didn't help that the collection from feeling like Donatella wasn't really operating outside of her comfort zone. This collection was, Yes, Gorgeous, but didn't feel in anyway Fresh for the Atelier Label. The Slinky, Sexy Body-Con Signatures of the house were rendered somewhat afresh by the Jones Inspiration but was also Predictably safe and devoid of any Risk! 

About those Hoods, They came off at times, Wonderfully so, Almost as much Arthurian as Jones-ian, lending a Medieval bent to some of the exits and bringing the Pique of Newness to the collection! In fact, it was the Daywear where Versace Shone the most, from a  Saucy pair of suits that opened the show to a Showstopper of a Day Dress at Exit No. 4 that unfortunately looked startlingly like R2-D2 with all of it's Silver Metallized embroidery! Other Stunners... A Tiny Ice Lilac number with a Surplice skirt (another collection Trope) and a Capelet back at Exit No. 8 or a Sharp White pantsuit at Exit No. 10.

A couple of Crystal studded Baby Blue Jersey numbers worn with Fox Stoles were Easy showpieces but the Winner of the whole show was Exit No. 13 on Icy Goddess Juliana Schurig, A most Arthurian White Fox coat with a Crystal studded hood that was giving Great Morgane La Fey! Sublime! The collection traversed the usual path to the end... Drapee Jerseys, Crystal Embroideries, Slinky Jaw-Droppers... all Stock and Trade Atelier Versace. And In the end, Donatella has to be commended for sticking to her guns and Re-interpreting her Signatures with seeming limitless innovation on those themes. But, one sincerely has to question the wisdom of such an exercise, At the very least it ventures into tedium, at the most, Boredom. One gets the sense that the Latter is the outcome that will be reached before the Former!

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