Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture.

Mon. 01/20/2014.

Watching Alexis Mabille's Spring 2014 Haute Couture show was kinda like going into a Diabetic Coma. The Sugary overload of Confectionery Evening Outfits was so Excessively overdone that the collection bordered on the Artificial. Mabille took for inspiration Greco-Roman Statuary and the Draping that goes along with such a Stimulus. Now, Draping of an Ancient ilk is a perfectly Acceptable and not unusual Inspire for Couture, it has been seen many times and in many incarnations, but here it was handled with such a Heavy Handed overzealousness that is unfortunately, Trademark Mabille, that it was weighed down with it's own Largesse!

In Couture, it seems that most houses have relegated themselves to being houses of Deluxe, Showstopping Evening wear, and in that it has revitalized itself and catalyzed it's own rebirth, Monetarily Speaking. But it now suffers from being just a showcase For Red Carpet Confections... and many houses have decided to Capitalize on this influx of money being thrown around for these Bagatelles that the art of REAL Couture is becoming more and more Lost. Mabille and others in this sect of the Milleu have ignored the Principles set forth by the Great Masters of Couture and show, albeit Beautiful, Irrelevant collections of Evening garb alone. Evening Garb Alone does NOT a Couture House make!

Mabille has found himself stuck in the Quicksand of this foolish consistency. It has, Unfortunately, never served him well, there is too much Juvenile Tomfoolery going on in any of his collections that they are bogged down by overreaching and puerile self indulgence, also there is a severe lack of Sophistication Chez Mabille that leaves everything looking for lack of a better word, Tacky! This collection was just another variation on that theme.

The Saddest point if this narrative is, that if Mabille Refined his Aesthetic and Honed his execution, He'd produce a collection of Maximum Impact, as it is, they just remain underwhelming achievements of Facile Grandiosty!

That's All.


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