Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Up. Josie Natori.

Weds. 02/05/2014.

Josie Natori.

After a Confident and Stylish Spring offering, Josie Natori is confirming that that showing was no fluke with a Strong, yet Subtle collection. It was not as compelling as Spring, But was full of Sumptuous clothes to keep the chill at bay. Inspired as she was by the somewhat overdone hoary chestnut of Old Russia, Natori strayed away from that theme to begin with by showing off some Delightful Steel Grey pieces including the opening Top Coat paired with a Matching top and skirt. Exit No. 3 was also noteworthy with it's cropped Jacket with fold back lapels and paler Grey lining.

After this sober opening, the Russian themes begin to fly, from the Furs and Elaborate Ornamentations to the Fur Babouschkas and Constructivist Red. A simple Blood Red coat was given a little bit of embellishment with some Black Lace and beading on the side at Exit No. 25 and was paired with a Ruby coloured Velvet skirt and was a Classic look, but timeless.

Sometimes things got a little bit away from Natori but she kept her reins tight when she needed to and gave us a Stunning Close with a Quartet of Gowns that were Quiet while still being Dramatic! Especially the Last Strapless gown in Black Fine Wool with an Empire bodice and full skirt... Brill! Natori is showing that despite her many many years in Lingere, She is quite the Apt Student in Ready-To-Wear. She can only continue to Bloom and Grow from here!

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