Friday, June 27, 2014

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture.

Weds. 01/23/2014.

Good Old Zuhair Murad. He's been quietly doing his Haute Couture thing for years and never really pressed himself into the spotlight, more than happy to outfit his large clientele with the exquisite, if not thoroughly groundbreaking, Haute Couture he's been doing happily for years...

But... Times, They have Changed! In the last Couple seasons, Murad has begun to strike out and make his name more well known beyond the Premiere Circuit and The Red Carpet Runways of Awards Shows and such. This Spring 2014 collection proves that he is still stuck somewhat in his 90's approach to Couture but is on his way to becoming more than just a Hidden side fixture on the Couture Calendar! This collection showed that he and his fellow Lebanese Couture Master, Elie Saab, Were travelling in the same circles for Spring. with Majestic and Regally oversized ballgowns with trains and Lavish Embroidery, they both showed these confections in abundance for Spring 2014. They also both had a sweet tooth for Lace. Where Saab has been doing this for a Shorter period of time, he has grasped the rules on how the big boys play, Murad is a beginner and this showing, although miles ahead of his previous work, still retained a bit of the beginner flavour, But that is most assuredly because he is still catering mainly to his clients taste and not to the Couture masses...

Within saying all that, it wasn't a bad showing, perhaps a little too derivative, but still full of Exceptional work and Pretty, PRETTY Clothes. Those Ballgowns were beauties no matter how you looked at them and on the young starlets of today, more than one of them would be a Red Carpet Success! One in Cafe Au Lait Tulle with Black beading at Exit No.19 had an Oscar De Feeling to it but was nonetheless a Stunner and the Strapless Black Beaded Beauty that followed was also hitting all the right notes! The best was a Strapless Ice Blue Tulle Gown at Exit No. 30 with Pink and Purple Sequined and Bead Flowers all over... MARVELLOUS! 

One last thing, Murad already has a leg up on Saab in that he showed, Albeit only a paltry number, they were still there, some Deluxed up daywear! It gave the collection much needed air and breathing room from being suffocated under the weight of all it's confections! His Wedding Gown, also was a Scene Stealer, Even as it was a Gargantuan Powder Puff of Beading and Embroidery and Silk Flowers and weighed seeming a metric ton... it was still SUMPTUOUS and a Beguiler of the Highest order!

With rumours of More visibility in the American market and a Forthcoming endeavour into Fragrance (That Magical Cash Cow) The name Zuhair Murad might become more than a Celebrity Go-To Name! And if he begins to modernize his Couture yet keep his personal view, he will rightly be a Name to be reckoned with in the Chambers of Alta Moda. Here's To Your Success, Zuhair! 

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