Sunday, June 15, 2014

Schiaparelli Haute Couture.

Mon. 01/20/2014.

It was a Rousing start for Marco Zanini In his Maiden Haute Couture collection for the sleeping house of Schiaparelli. Rousing in the sense that Zanini showed Insight into the Secret Realms of Haute Couture with Dazzling Technique and a Mirthful Brilliance that many practitioners of the craft (Ahem... Raf Simons, Anyone?!?!?) Haven't the Slightest Grasp upon! Haute Couture is about exercising the mind of the designer with Intricacies that equally can be seen and are covert, Things that one can look at and know within a breath that it is something Stupendous but cannot pin down exactly why until the garment is seen up close and those secret abilities that went into achieving that Gasp-Inducing piece are fully bought into the light. Some designers play silly games and use Esoteric tricks and gimmicks to achieve this or just haven't the SKILL to do REAL Couture. I could name Names... but I will refrain. 

Zanini is no rank amateur and has taken to Haute Couture like a Duck to Water, Showing an Ingenious propensity for the Artistic with an Authoritative Dissertation on How Couture is done! His Premier show was filled with Whimsy and Sly allusions to the House codes and signatures that weren't bogged down with the history of the house. Zanini Channeled that Arch Spirit of the House matriarch into Brilliant Exercises of Couture magic! From the Phenomenal Finishing on the Reversible jackets seen throughout to the Fluffy Meringue puffs at the bottom of the sleeves of a White Bolero at Exit No. 7! Exit No. 8 felt to invoke the Spirit of Christian Lacroix to Brilliant effect in an off the shoulder puff deflated puff sleeve gown in Multicolour Polka dots on White.

The Exquisite Chrystelle St. Louis-Agustin shone Majestically in a Lavishly Embroidered Gown in Sterling Blue Crepe at Exit No. 11 that looked as easy as a Tee in front but was completely Backless! A Stunner in "Candies" print Chiffon was whipped up into a Camp shirt and Immense Bouillonne skirt using 110 meters of Chiffon pleated and stitched onto Tulle! HEAVEN! Or the equally sweeping Seafoam Green Cigaline skirt paired with a Bias pleated top in Dove White at Exit No. 18. They were Showstoppers of Magisterial proportion!

In 19 Unique and Charming exits, Zanini Cemented his Couture Skills with Aplomb and Abandon of a sort missing since the days of Christian Lacroix. In fact, there was that Magpie sense of the Esoteric and Eccentric that Lacroix Brought to the game of Couture that has been Sorely missing for some time. Let's Pray that the house of Schiaparelli realizes what a Jewel they have in Marco Zanini and Cultivate it for a long while to come!

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