Friday, June 27, 2014

To Fall 2014 And Resort 2015.

Fri. 06/27/2014.

Dear Readers.

Thanx for sticking with me, I have to now be on my damn toes and get done with Fall 2014 and Pick and Choose the Resort 2015 Shows I will review before the Spring 2015 shows begin in September! OH MY GOD! This has been Exhilarating and Exhausting. Please Stay with me and I hope some feedback and comments will come my way soon, It would be truly helpful and give me the critical input to help me be a better Blogger and Writer. Somewhere in here I am going to Finally put in a Profile of myself to tell you who I am and What I am all about. But until then, Remain Faithful, My Dear Friends! I depend on you to keep me relevant and by this time next year, hopefully I will be getting myself ready to board a plane to NY to cover the Spring 2016 shows IN PERSON! One can Dream!

Thanks, As Ever and Be Well, One and All!

That's All.


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