Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.

Mon. 01/20/2014.

Short, Saucy and To The Point! In his rather Brash and In Your Face Sexually Charged Spring 2014 Haute Couture presentation, Giambattista Valli took his always Pretty Aesthetic and chopped it off well above the knees and came forth with some pretty Daring and Racy Spring offerings which were also more than a bit Provocatif! Twisting and Folding the Richesse fabrics in the lower halves of his dresses rendered something of the 80's work of Ungaro and Lacroix to the clothes but were imbued with a freshness and a steely Risque Edge that those designers were not prone to. Another point or remarking, Valli's usual taste for Delicacy and Romance were clearly Eschewed for something much more Tough this season, It was a bit of a Spark that was sorely needed. 

As cool as it was to see his woman Toughen up this season, She has lost none of her taste for the Refined and Romantic, view that nearly every outfit was strewn with Embroidered flowers or Beads and Sequins and Crystals... Valli's Roughed up vision of his Signature woman was still flirting on the Bohemian and Luxe side of town, just she was a bit more brazen in her attitude about it! Some Pieces that were of especial caliber, Exit No. 7, a sweet Strapless Black mini dress with Blue and Pink Flowers lavished upon it with it's brief skirt folded into scrolls of ruffles that dipped into a lower fan tail at the back. Or, the perfect little Number on Xiao Wen Ju at Exit No. 18 delicately embellished with Pink Crystals and Beads... Breathtaking! 

When the collection decided to Round Third and Head for home, The clothes Majestically Dropped to the floor with Fishtails and Trains and Peplum Scrolls... A Strapless Whisper Pink Tiered gown on Elisabeth Erm at Exit No. 29 was Ethereally Embroidered with fragile Dusky Coral blooms, While a Bougainvillea Pink Faille Number at Exit No. 30 was surmounted at the bodice with Electric Blue Beaded Flowers! By the time the show ended one was made well aware of the Sculptural influence in the clothes that the Runway Decor suggested and how Organically Valli entwined that idea into the Sculpted Folds and Whorls of fabric and communicated even with such Highbrow Hijinx, a sense of Ripened, yet Nuanced Sexuality! It was Bold and Daring, And for Valli, Revelatory! 

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