Monday, June 23, 2014

Giorgio Armani Prive.

Tues. 01/21/2014.

Giorgio Armani is the KING of Hit or Miss. He is one of those designers so Firmly entrenched in his own Aesthetic that every collection just seems like a rehash of his greatest moments. That fatal flaw hinders his collections at their worse and elucidates them at their best! This Prive Collection fell Squarely into the Former Category... Unflatteringly So! 

Where was the Inspiration being drawn from is anyone's guess... 40's by way of the 70's with some "Game Of Thrones" Mixed in to muddying effect. The Colour Palette was the first failure, Drab, Uninspiring and Dull. Armani went to one of his safe places, Navy and piled onto that just the most Unmemorable shades of Metals and Greys that the collection devolved into the Blase and Anodyne. Couple that with Gloria Swanson Head scarves, Awkward hemlines, Pallazzo pants... BASTA! Where it suffered even more was that this just felt like we have seen all this before at Armani, And seen it MUCH better! 

Even Armani's Evening skills were off by a country mile... or Three! Where these would usually save him... here, they looked Heavy, Old, Fusty and Stodgy! Matronly is also a good word to use! The workmanship even seemed dated and archaic. All these elements conspired to drag down a collection into the depths of the irretrievable, And just proved Armani can, as with his Fall 2013 Prive collection, Knock it so far out of the park that it was banging off the roofs of the cars in the parking lot, or he can create a simpering mediocre mess of Gargantuan proportions... 

Guess which side of the line this collection fell on...???

That's All.


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