Monday, June 16, 2014

Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Mon. 01/20/2014.

Tragic. Spring 2014 Haute Couture at Dior was just an Unadulterated Mess. Raf Simons' Showed his hand again at being Overestimated by the fashion Cognoscenti as Fashion Messiah with nothing of the talent needed to accrue such a designation. This Offering of Simons' Failed on ALL Conceivable levels and more so than simply being Esoteric to the point of Incomprehensibility it was most offensively, Ugly! Unwearable would be a good word to use as well. And however Influential the Fashion insiders will deem this collection it will never transpose these clothes into something relevant to any woman outside of those who find this kind of work desirable. Aside from those that work in the industry, I cannot believe that number is relatively High! 

This collection simply highlighted the worst aspects of Fashion Design and Fashion Hyperbole, While the so-called experts were cooing and salivating and singing the praises of this show from the highest mountaintops, that only revealed that Simons' is A Fashion Darling whom's virtues are extolled by those considered in the know, while the rest of the world just sees this as another Variation of the "Emperor's New Clothes!"

Firstly, let us start by saying that the Cutout Leitmotif that Simons' was so thoroughly enraptured by served no other purpose than to make already Distractingly Inelegant and Ungainly garments even more Distracting! If Simons' preoccupation is with bringing Youthful Vigour and Air into the Dior House codes, he is failing miserably on that front and also is forcing those codes into uncomfortable and disconcerting moulds. Secondly, Too much of Simons' work looks Nothing like Couture, More like Deluxed-Up Ready-To-Wear, which is perhaps the most Blasphemous Offence! 

Secondly, The proportions of many of the clothes were just God-Awful and Unflattering. The moronic shapes that Simons' Proposed would only serve to make a woman of less than Model Stature look Foolish and more importantly, Deranged! Whom is this mythic woman That Simons' is envisioning in these Horrid Conceptions? Bespangled Jumpsuits and Rompers? Bubble shapes jutting out from hips and deflated ballooning Shapes blousing out from the backs of dresses and coats... They were Devastatingly Hideous! It was a Miracle of the modern world that Simons' actually produced a few Wonderful Gowns in the last spasmodic Death Thrall moments of this Fantasmagoria of Shame. 

A tiered Pleated gown in White Organza at Exit No. 38 was Stupendous. Another gown of Couture Muster was the Black Gown that followed in Tulle and Chiffon with Sequin Centered Rosettes streaming down the surface. However, these and the few other Exits that were of a higher caliber only served to highlight the discrepancy between how lovely these looks were and how Tragically Misjudged the rest of the collection was. Simons' hasn't been producing work any better than this since his inception at the house as Head Honcho, This collection just seemed to be the worst so far. 

How this tale will play out in the future one can not know, The same slavish adoration was heaped upon the unimpressive and frighteningly dismal work that Ghesquiere did for Balenciaga with abandon, one can see the same Trajectory being traced with Simons' for Dior. The hope I have is that this Charade will be short lived and that Simons' will either get his act together or that people will see his offerings for what they are... Dreck!

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