Monday, June 30, 2014

Organic By John Patrick.

Weds. 02/05/2014.

Fall 2014 took John Patrick to The Moon and Back with his Organic collection and in his Compact edit showed a Crisp and Cozy collection with plenty of pieces to keep the modern gal looking chic and in no way spacey! The opening exit was perhaps a trifle too literal, Looking very much like an astronauts Space Suit in Jumpsuit form, Though it will with the right girl wearing it translate into every day life. So early in the season, it seems that the All-White trend might still be a viable option going into Fall, especially with Patrick showing a good quarter of the collection in the Colour! 

An empire belted Fur coat at Exit No. 5 Looked Chic as can be and Cozily earthbound. A Toggled Fisherman's coat in Ivory at Exit No. 7 was also City ready in any corner of the globe. On the flipside, Some of the quilting effects made the outfits they were applied to look like the Thermal Linings that keep Delivery Pizza's hot and came off much more awkward than need be. 

John Patrick gave a quick and effective treatise of his aesthetic and in the midst showed some strong and directional pieces that will be well remembered among the throng and showing that he surely this season has... The Right Stuff.

That's All.


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