Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cedric Charlier.

Tues. 09/24/2014.

A Delightful Juxtaposition was on hand at Cedric Charlier for Spring 2014. Firstly, A Monastic and Graphic Minimalism with inspiration from the Martial Arts (Seemingly, a micro trend of the season) Secondly, An artistic and extrovert dissertation on Stripes (also another inescapable trend this season!) This treatise on Stripes was played in more than one incarnation and in later guises lent a Subtle, almost Couture air to the proceedings.

Starting with stark plays of color in the most adaptable basic colours of all... Black, White and Navy, The collection dabbled with Asian influences and Architectural modernity. A sharp suit all in Black leather paired with a wrap top also in Black at Exit No. 5 was a study in Duality juxtaposing Asymmetric sharpness in the skirt with a more boxy almost detail free jacket. Then came the stripes, Black and White accented with painterly swipes of Cardinal Red. An especially successful pairing of a Sleeveless top and wide pants at Exit No. 17. 

From then on, things took on a Graphic tone that was Angular, But Gentle. Interplays of Solid and Sheer and Cutouts and Insets of materials back in the home base colours of Black, White and Navy. One Stunner, Exit No. 26, a Study in Spectator Contrast in Black and White Panels with a Hi-Lo Hem and floating train was an Ethereal Dream Vision walking! Ending on a note of Restrained Extravagance in matte Sequins the show closed in a Bright Haze of Cardinal and Seafoam and gave the show an ephemeral swan song to a collection that was firmly rooted in the Here and Now. 

Charlier presented a Stellar, Thoughtful collection full of invention and gravitas. Little more could be asked of any designer. 

That's All.


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