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Fri. 09/20/2013.

Gaia Trussardi's Debut for Spring 2014 at the house that bears her Family name was something of a mixed bag. On the one hand there was definite high notes and pieces that set the house on a good path for Ms. Trussardi's Premiere Collection, but on the other hand, there were also the missteps that are inevitable in such an undertaking. A stronger Commitment to her vision would have improved things tremendously, also a more Pointed editing eye would have been helpful to weed out some of the weaker pieces. 

Starting on a good foot, the Cropped White Pantsuit held Much promise and the Cowboy styled scarf at the neck was a whimsical edition that by the time the collection was over though had grown somewhat stale. The one thing on Immediate view was that the Tailoring at the house is Top-Notch. The Pantsuit was cut with Utmost Precision and Clarity and will be decidedly desirable. Same for the Snap front "Varsity" Jacket that came next in Bleached Python which had COVETOUS Ingrained in it from the Inception. It's one of those pieces that women will be fighting for! 

Exit No. 7 explored the same Overtly Luxurious Territory with a Long Cardigan coat that fused Python on the inside to the paper thin Cashmere outer and was Stupendous! Paired with the same Python Hot Pants and Bandeau, it radiated a Quiet, Fun Opulence. 

From the Python Prints to the use of Real Python the show had serious Mojo working. It was innately Confident and perhaps in that over confidence is where it lost some of it's lustre... The cowboy hats were not working and that Gold Glitter Ball Jumpsuit was better left on the cutting room floor, Yet with all that being said, One couldn't find anything objectionable with this collection. It wasn't shaking the Fashion Firmament, But it's certainly a Credible Start for Gaia Trussardi and shows she has the talent to make something out of this sleeping giant of a Label! Just give her Time! 

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