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Fri. 09/20/2013.

29 Exits. That was all it took to Capture the collective Imaginations of the Fashion Community at large. 29 Soigne And Desirable Exits that reclaimed the status of a certain Ms. Alessandra Facchinetti. Now, That name comes with some baggage. Ousted after a little over a year, Consecutively, from TWO Fashion Houses that obviously were in deep stages of flux and had no damn clue of who they were letting go of. Both Gucci and Valentino were the houses that deposed Senora Facchinetti after a brief year at the respective helms and if not for the Massive successes of Frida Giannini and Pier Paolo Piccoli amnd Maria Grazia Chiuri respectively at those houses, they might upon reflection and viewing this triumph, they may have well been kicking themselves in their asses for such Knee-Jerk Reactions! In my opinion they should be anyway, For Facchinetti's work for both of those houses were stellar and given time she would have elevated those Maisons to where they are now or perhaps even further! 

Facchinetti Beguiled and Bewildered with her Facility and Technical Mastery. She made it seems So Easy, So Offhanded and Nonchalant, Like it was just blown together by Fairy Magic and the Forest Breeze! Her Colour Choices were one of the reasons everything worked so splendidly... has ANY other designer used Brick Red so Fearlessly and with such Aplomb this season? I think Not! And this Drama Plus colour was her opening salvo and used to spectacular effect! 

A glossy Leather outfit in that Brick Red with White Piping was Deluxe while being Efficiently Smart and Easy! A Double-Breasted Pantsuit (How comforting to see an honest to Goodness Pantsuit!?!? FOR REAL!) in that same Red at Exit No. 4 was as chic as anything ever made at any house! As a relief, A palest Rose Pink shirt dress with a laser cut underskirt at Exit No. 6 was as Editorial as it was Commercially Viable for the everyday world! 

If Simple can also speak volumes in a quietude, Exit No. 19 was just so in Spades! A perfect White Shirt (The Ne Plus Ultra of any wardrobe) paired with a Dirndl in Grey with a richly embellished hem and side zip pockets was so Effectively Stunning in it's Understated power that it made one's breath catch without even realizing it! Although there were many more examinations of chic before the show ended, To go on would just serve little purpose other than to continue to gild the lily! 

The collection was enough on it's own to Wow and Amaze in abundance. Facchinetti will hopefully be given time to Blossom and Flourish into Full Bloom of her talents at the house and have a much longer span than she did at her previous engagements, as we can now surely see, Gucci and Valentino's Loss is Diego Della Valle's baby, Tod's, as well as Fashion's, Gain!

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