Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fausto Puglisi.

Sun. 09/22/2013.

If Gianni Versace and Christophe Decarnin had a Baby and that baby's Godparents were Roberto Cavalli and Peter Dundas and Olivier Roustieng... Well that might give you some clue as to the vibe being slung about by Fausto Puglisi. Young and Impetuous and working a serious Rock 'N' Roll motif to the bone, Puglisi is the newest Firebrand on the scene to emerge and along with another recent entry to the fraternity of the Rockin' side of Fashion, Philipp Plein! But where as Plein is going the Uber Luxe Rock Frock Route, Fausto is a little less polished and this collection suffered from a serious issue with repetition!

Puglisi exclaimed that the collection was "Carolina Herrera Meets Axl Rose!" Now, how that might have possibly looked could have been a disaster of Quantum proportions. At certain moments, It lived up to that disastrous potential! Otherwise, the collection was a Fun, Sexed-Up, Raucous Romp with bed hair and enough Palm Trees to Populate a production of South Pacific!

There was Leather aplenty and Full swishing skirts for day that could translate as well for night. The great fault in the collection lay in that Puglisi repeated the same Silhouette time and time again... Antebellum Full Mini skirts with a shirt on top or the full length ball skirts (The Carolina Herrera side obviously) with Leather Moto Jackets or button front shirts. Puglisi would have done the collection much justice had he not inadvertently channeled Gianni Versace's Fall 1991 collection so heavily!

Some Fine exits... Exit No. 18, A Palm tree embroidered White Sheath gown on the Stunning Cora Emmanuel and Exit No. 34, A White camp shirt with Black piping paired with a Foulard print Black and White Ball skirt lavished with Gold and Crystal embroidery.

Puglisi put forth a collection that is going to appeal to the Starlet that wants to look like a Rocker and the Rocker chick that wants to look like a Starlet and the woman in between who just wants some Sexy Edge injected into her Spring 2014 wardrobe.

That's All.


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