Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dolce And Gabbana.

Sun. 09/22/2013.

Speechless. Flawless. Stunning! Just one of the best from the house of Stefano and Domenico. Spring 2014 was a collection full of Wonderment and Astonishing beauty! A Dream of Ruins and of the Passionate Sicilian Woman that has captivated the duo for all of their career but as of the last 3 seasons seems to have permeated the clothes to their core. Last Spring, it was Rural and festive with an almost comic feeling of Puppets and Street Festivals, For this past Fall, there was a Deeper, Religious impart to the clothes that merged Byzantium and Catholicism. Here, there was something more Blithe, yet, Earthen. Ruins and Almond blossoms and Coins of Roman Antiquity proliferated.

There was as they would say in Italian... Abbondanza! A Decadent Excess of all elements from the Delicate yet Masterfully elaborate embroideries of Almond Blossoms to the Photo Realistic depths of the ruins prints and the more quirky, yet wholly Whimsical use of Ancient Coinage in the prints, belts, bracelets, and more! before it was over all these elements would be mixed together in some permutation that bordered on the Schizo but was nothing less than Maddening Genius! 

Let's get a handle on things before we seriously start. There was so much in this collection that bordered on Flawless that to adequately pick and choose specifics would be a Brobdingnagian task of the most Herculean Sort! The riches abounded with such Fecundity that one was embarrassed with the wealth of the bounty! From the opening Exit to the Last Parade of Models ensconced in soft light Gold Lace, It soared from one peak to the next with effortless facility! 

From the Column Printed Column dress that opened the show to the next exit, a White dress of Milkmaid innocence, with it's flowing skirt and modest length and printed with branches ripe with blossoming flowers that were then replicated as 3-D embroideries of those said same flowers was just a magical application of Whimsy and Intellect! A Little Nothing of a dress at Exit No. 8 (On the Radiant Maud Welzen) in Peach/Nude Organza was Smothered in those Blossoms and belted with a Gigantic Coin Belt was As familiar as an old Tee but as Exquisite as Couture! 

As per usual, there was a 50's-60's "La Dolce Vita" Undercurrent in Abbreviated little A-line coats and dresses and Hip-Molded Wiggle skirts and dresses along with the always familiar Poaching of the Sicilian Widow gone Sexy in Black Lace and Underwear styles... all signature tropes for the house but here done in such an Insouciante and Carefree way that they were rendered Afresh! 

A section in the middle of the show cast all in Black was the evocation of the "Sicilian" Inspiration in it's Purest form. From the Pencil Slim Bustier Dress to the calf on Catherine McNeil at Exit No. 42 was Sublime for the simple fact alone that it was almost wholly unadorned, save for Earrings and a Bag. A few exits later an exemplary suit in Black Lace at Exit No. 47 with a Shaggy fur collar was as perfect as a Italian Madre on Sunday morning in Church!

The show careened on with such versatility in the variations on the themes presented that it flowed into the waters of the Virtuoso. Take the Crinkled Patent shift in Granny Smith Apple Green with the Flower blossoms embroidered upon it was Mod and Classical in the same breath. This Fever Pitch of Sensual/Innocent Dichotomy was conjured up with a Magician's Flair. Dolce and Gabbana put on a show for the ages with this collection and surpassed virtually all others in the Race of Spring 2014 show of the season! It was a Breathtaking Opus and so Fantastical that it rivaled nearly all that has come before it this season, or past!

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