Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Roberto Cavalli.

Sat. 09/21/2013.

It was business as usual at Casa De Cavalli. That's not necessarily a good thing. In the case of Spring 2014, it wasn't a good thing at all. Saying that, The collection brimmed with some Exquisitely Beautiful clothes that showed off the Dazzling Technical Mastery of the Cavalli ateliers. However, Technical Brilliance is not going to get you everywhere. Cavalli's collection did nothing to advance the Fashion conversation except to show he is relying heavily, almost slavishly, on his house Signatures and Tropes. 

Firstly, There were some sublime pieces. I wouldn't dare say that the Historical Archive of Cavalli isn't rich with extraordinarily Gorgeous items. Yes, that's true. But recycling them without carving a new niche for them to exist in is an tedious exercise in the Repetitious. Focusing his Spring 2014 collection on dreamy, almost hazy, colours that arced from shadowy Silvers and Greys to Bone and Ivory and then onto springish pastels of Pink, Blues and Greens and then onto the Colours of the season, White and Black, which dominated the second half of the collection almost exclusively. 

There was the expected Rich Hippie Bohemian vibe running through the collection and the pre-requisite Rock Star leather and Snake pants and Tuxedo Styled blazers... but haven't we seen all that Chez Cavalli numerous times? The Caftans, The Fringe, The Slinky Slip Gowns...??? I am all for being recognizable, but there is also times when one needs to take a few well judged and Hell, Some Badly judged Risks! There wasn't a risk to be found here. It was all the stuff we are used to seeing in just minimally different Guises. 

Saying all that... The collection was Awfully Beautiful in many places and was a Glamourous treatise on Deluxe Bohemianism in the way that A Roberto Cavalli collection can always be. It was just as the Great Yogi Once Said... "Deja Vu All Over Again!"

That's All.


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