Monday, March 10, 2014

Philpp Plein.

Sat. 09/21/2013.

WORK! What a Fashion-Gasm! Philipp Plein not only executed a Marvellous Rockin' Rollickin' Clubtastic Winner of a collection for Spring 2014. Gutsy and Sexy, It was a Triumph of Diversity and Showed just how a designer can cast a show with more than just 3-4 familiar faces of colour and build a whole lineup out of AMAZING Models with skin tone something more darker than Milk! 

More so than that, the collection was Glamourously Excessive and Extrovert. It had the Rock and Roll vibe down pat and Luxuriously Deluxe! From the opening Crocodile outfit on Liya Kebede in Black that had a Swaggering ease to it, Plein threw down the Gauntlet that this was not a collection for the Shy! 

Plein's Collection had a Active-Sporty vibe to it's Rock and Roll Vibe and also offered up some deep technical virtuosity in places! The collection focused almost exclusively on Black, White and Silver with hints of Metallic Aqua Green and Fuschia Pink! From a Sportif Godet LBD with Faggotted vertical stitching at Exit No. 15 to Lavishly embroidered gown at Exit No. 23 with a Skull woven into the Macrame lace Tank top of the gown, The show See-Sawed from Elaborate Exhibitions of The Over-The-Top to more refined and restrained arabesques! 

The collection ended on a White Note and Shown on some of the most Chocolaty Darkest of Beauties Grace Bol and Ajak Deng the White gowns that ended the show were Stunning Showstoppers in Intricate Beading and Embroidery, Grace's Exit No. 41 densely encrusted with Lace and Crystals forming a Psuedo Sweet and Innocent Heart at the bodice that was thrown off the Sweet train by the words plastered across the heart (See Dress Here.) and Ajak's Exit No. 42 Richly Covered in Crystals and Pearls featuring a Skull right on the front. Daring and Sweet all at once! 

The big Takeaway from the show was the usage of an All-Black Cast can be and IS Viably an option for a designer. The Diversity Issue has expanded for sure, but the Fashion World could easily take a page from Philipp Plein's Playbook and realize that there are dozens of Faces and Bodies of Colour in the Model race that are as Magnificently Beautiful as their Paler counterparts. And that's a lesson that I must Stress, Cannot be learned at all soon enough! 

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