Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Akris Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/09/2015.

Akris Resort 2016.

Albert Kreimler delivered a whopper of a One-Two punch with Exciting and Reverberating punchy colour in his Resort 2016 collection for Akris. It was a Joyful and finely executed showing with upbeat pieces that were easy, but never basic. Gaining a major injection of gaiety from Kreimler's now signature Photograph prints, this seasons subject were the Stunningly precise rows that constitute the fields of Tulips grown in the Netherlands. In Blaring shades of Orange and Yellow and Red and Pink, they looked like Psychedelic stripes bleeding into one another from afar,

This print was used generously, but nor over abundantly. Kreimler realized, even when done gingerly, a little went a long ways. As peppy as this print was, the rest of the collection caught the same wave and surfed it giddily. Using big gobs of strong colour diluted with interjections of White and Navy and Black gave the pieces a happy buoyancy that lifted them well above the commonplace. A Clean and Simple Black cardigan and tee paired with a side-slit pencil skirt worked all the more in this dialogue, for it came as a palate cleanser and was Rock Solid Chic as well. While an exactingly tailored but relaxed Grey Bird's-eye Pantsuit looked equally Sharp and Laid-Back.

Though if Colour was what you came for, then the Sportif Sunny Yellow ensemble of a sleek dress and cropped Cap-sleeve jacket might be more your speed, or definitely the combo of a Shocking Pink Broadtail top and Cherry Pink skirt would soothe your need for some Zingy, Sizzling colour! Kreimler didn't saturate this collection with tricky propositions or complex ideas... he offered Fun and Sophisticated items for a woman who wants to inject a good bit of Vivre into her wardrobe or have some Spunky clothes to take with her on a good time getaway. This collection succeeded wildly on all those fronts!

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